Week 4 Kathrine fashion film project

Week 4 Kathrine fashion film project

review of eastpak cosplay campaign 
Eastpak is a brand that specialises in selling bags and accessories, primarily backpacks and travel luggage, their bags are usually fairly minimalistic aside from the occasional bright colourful print, usually collaboration pieces with brands such as smiley. they prioritise sustainability through durability of their bags.  
the creative team behind their most recent campaign is the agency 'mutant' the storyline behind the campaign is "resisting the dullness of reality through fantasy" they look at pairing their staple simple bags with extravagant outfits and cosplay, this is dressing up as different TV, Movie or Media characters usually fictional.  Odin Saillé, founder and chief creative at Mutant claims “Eastpak has always been a brand that encourages transformation,” and believes customisation is part of expressing your identity and encourages customisation of the bags, perhaps why they keep them so minimalist, to allow to consumer their own creative expression, whether that means adding safety pins, patches or ribbons.
This campaign is very visually striking with bright colours and costumes, the target audience is most likely millennial to Gen Z due to the heavy themes of cosplay. although Cosplay is enjoyed by many ages younger generations who have access to social media such as TikTok and Instagram are more able to find communities with similar interests and find encouragement to take part in events such as comic con and dress up. The cosplay community is very strong on social media especially tiktok and Eastpak advertising their campaign to these communes is likely to get a strong positive reaction. 



film group project 

our initial ideas for the film Project were to look into the theme of ritual through everyday rituals we all do, in this case, morning routines. we wanted to explore the idea of a regular morning routine being disrupted by JW Aderson as a brand.

we originally planned on looking further into the idea of rituals in a more literal sense of witchcraft and seance but ended up deciding it wouldn't really fit the brand of JW as they're quite whimsical and playful with their designs. we decided to look more into the idea of JW being almost like a 'cult' in the way that buying into luxury brands can make you feel like part of the brand and part of a select group of people than can afford to buy into the brand.

we decided to focus the film on one main character living her daily routine, this is then disrupted when she picks up a bag from JW Anderson and wears it for the day. she begins to notice the people around her who are also wearing JW Anderson, for example in this shot a woman walks past in an upside jumper inspired by JW. in the net scene she is given a coffee by a stranger on the street also wearing the brand. this is to represent the community people who buy JW share, we also wanted to make the film surreal and dreamlike feeling as a lot of JW pieces are. throughout the rest of the film she receives more and more disruption from the 'JW cult' and the film ends with her running back to her house now covered in JW after being chased by there group. I believe the final scenes of the film could have been better as it didn't convey as much of a positive message as we could have liked. If I were to revisit this project instead of the character being chased home I would have ended it with the group inviting her in and ended with a scene of them all laughing together over the main character giving her original bag to a new person to complete the 'ritual' and create a bit of a loop to suggest now the recipient of the bag will be the next person to experience the routine. 

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