Week 3 Kathrine brand identity

Brand identity is all of the aspects that are considered when a brand wants to express its values, and DNA to its target customer in order to show them what they stand for and offer as a company. It includes every aspect from the logo, colour story, typography, and photography to the individuality, vibe, and overall style of the brand.

one of the strongest examples of this Is a brands typography in its logo, something as simple as the spacing in between letters can reflect a brands core values and tell the customer a lot about the brand without even seeing the garments.

Zara for example uses the font 'Didot' the same as Dior' yet the text is bunched up and squished compared too Dior being more spaced out, this can be inferred to represent the quickness of trend turnaround in Zara; Zara is a fast fashion brand meaning they produce designs and garments extremely quickly. if you see a new trend of jeans imerging on instagram its very likely within a few weeks you'll see the same style advertised in Zara. Dior however has a slower paced turnaround reflected in the slow spaced out logo.


Having a strong brand identity is one of the most important aspects of starting a business as it helps them stand out from competitors, builds trust with its target audience, and creates a constancy that is important in order to retain customers, whereas if a brand doesn't have a strong identity and is constantly changing customers are less likely to continuously visit the store and purchase items. Brand such as Chanel have a strong brand identity. When you say Chanel its often instantly occurring images of strong tailoring and tweeds. 


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