Week 3 Cad Kathrine

One of the most common ways to ensure similarity in brand identity in modern business is through consistent use of CAD. Many designers use CAD (computer Aided Design) in order to see if their works feasible and worth making before entering the rest of the design and make process, this means designers can make sure theyre keeping their work consistent as they go along. 

Cad can be useful to designers who offer more bespoke garments or made to order pieces, this is becoming more common in fashion as brands aim to be more sustainable in production. designer Lirika Matoshi who became popular after her 'strawberry dress' went viral on TikTok makes her garments to order and usually made to measure, this is popular with her client base as her customers know they're getting an item that is going to fit them well and they're more likley to keep the garment as they know the work that went into it and the fact it was made for exactly them helps them feel a stronger connection with the brand and make them more likely to return.

CAD is also commonly used in marketing to produce advertisements and presentations 

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