How to trend forecast

How to trend forecast

Fashion trends are constantly changing but there are certain trends we gravitate towards over and over again, these are typically in correspondence with both the weather and season. I don’t just mean wearing big coats in winter and shorts in summer, but the colours and styles we tend to gravitate towards in certain seasons. For example wearing browns and nudes in autumn and florals in spring.


Autumn trend board: browns neutrals and burnt oranges


Spring: florals pastels and light denims

Winter: reds, dark greens and whites



When something happens there’s a ripple effect in fashion from smaller things such as someone dying eg Alexander McQueen dying lead to an increase of skull designs worn part as people paying homage to his sudden death and part because other people were and they wanted to follow the trend. Or bigger things such as response to war such as the hippy movement. 

time of year and corresponding events; pride month and rainbow.


trend chasers:

cool hunters (people going into a public space taking pictures of people wearing outfits they like, in mainstream and subcultures, evidence collectors. Without knowing the public are making the mainstream trends.) work for all kinds of firms, from coffee companies to clothing companies etc.

strategic window: timing a firms product offerings to the customers readiness for the product.


types of trends:

fads/ micro trends: high demand, lots of love at the beginning but very short lived, either do to impracticality or no correspondence with personal style or general trends.

classics: basics, long trends, eg blazers, shirts, knitwear. Things that will always sell and always be popular

visualisation and mapping trends: Fashion curves, how long something has been on trend and how it has transcended eg something popular with a luxury brand becoming popular with mainstream brands. Fashion pendulum eg power dressing in 80s moved on to relaxed dress codes. Jeans going from skinny to wide leg slowly. Super skinny, tapered, mom, straight leg, flared, wide leg. 

Socioeconomic trends: cultural trends etc

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