Is gender still relevant in fashion?

Is gender still relevant in fashion?

Mens wear typically more tailored vs womenswear gets away with being more draped or stretched?

many brands now promoting unisex clothing

there are fundamental differences within mens and womens clothing in order to fit stereotyped body types, men and women typically have different body proportions 


many brands are creating “ unisex” clothing lines, these are mostly street wear, in order for this to be fitting on everyone they are usually not form fitting or tailored 

does genderless fashion make sense? 
your sex has determined the way we dress in the past but now as it’s more acceptable to be fluid in your gender expression for example someone male presenting may prefer to wear more “feminine” clothing styles instead of ‘unisex’ or ‘genderless’ clothing. This may mean instead of creating more genderless clothing we should expand the sizes and proportions clothing for different genders in order for everyone to be able to wear the clothes and express themselves without limit from brands.


making the same design in different size categories eg broader shoulders or wider hips but this is something that should be imposed anyway as every person, even those who all identify as the same gender, eg cisgender women all having different body proportions and a size 10 might fit one women but may not fit another women even if they are the same weight. 

many brands claim to be inclusive to stay relevant and continue to profit. Think H and M promoting rainbow everything and changing their instagram to a rainbow during pride month to try increase sales then changing it back and putting everything on sale on the first of July, (all whilst many of these items are being made in a country where it’s still illegal to even be homosexual.)

If a brand Is calling themselves inclusive it’s not enough just to carry a wide verity of sizes such as 6-32, some brands have petit sections and plus size sections but they are usually different designs that may not be as desirable, plus size items tend to be more matronly and 

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